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Authentic Personal Branding

Corporate branding

Today is about the customers’ experience.
That experience is defined by the behaviors of your employees, and the behaviors are driven by your corporate culture, values and employee engagement. Therefore, to maximize your corporate brand investment, you need to focus on the authentic personality of your brand that is projected by your people.

Personal Branding Training

Walking TALL has been delivering personal and corporate brand personality programs since 2000, working in 26 countries, across 5 continents.

The company was founded by  Lesley Everett who is an internationally recognized specialist in personal branding, an author, and a professional speaker.

We offer a proven system to maximize corporate brand investment by giving individuals the tools to create a positive authentic impact with every stakeholder interaction.

Our clients include JetBlue, Hilton, ASDA-Walmart, Unilever, Marriott Group, Microsoft and RSM and can all testify to the results.

“At Asda Walmart our relationship with Lesley and Walking TALL keeps us focused on the culture of our business, and that’s what drives our bottom line” Andy Clarke – CEO & President (former) Asda Walmart

Our pedigree:

  • Over 16 years experience of delivering this evolving & proven methodology, across 25+ countries and multiple cultures
  • We are trusted by some of the largest and most successful companies globally
  • We hold Trademarks in the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK
  • All our trainers and coaches are Accredited and assessed in the Walking TALL method
  • All those we employ are the best at what they do
  • Walking TALL is based in the UK and US with an international team of trainers
  • We are quoted in publications and the media, and our founder, Lesley Everett is the published author of 3 books on the subject
  • We always do what we say we will do and communication is our strongest value!

When you work with us…..

  • We will provide you with a totally managed delivery solution, for implementation of comprehensive programs across your business
  • We will work with you to dovetail with your culture and learning & development programs
  • We offer flexible delivery of the methodology with a blended learning approach


Executive Presence Walking TALL

Training, Coaching

Walking TALL

We have an amazing team at Walking TALL that all reinforce our values of responsiveness, professionalism, and integrity. Lesley personally accredits each of our trainers and coaches, so that the high quality of our services is maintained and not diluted in any way.

We are proud to provide an Accredited Trainer Program for a select number of dynamic, highly experienced and stylish trainers and coaches, who have a solid and established corporate client base and are looking to expand their service offering.




Get in touch with us if you feel you have the right credentials to join our Team. We’d love to hear from you!


Key Team Members

Lesley Everett
Founder and CEO
Chris Swainson
Chief Operating Officer
Susan Moore
Executive Assistant

Accredited Trainers & Coaches

Sharon Knight
Andrea Phillimore
Sue Liney
Janine Manning
Jessica Anne Jensen


We strongly believe in education and we’re pleased to support Giving Africa as our chosen charity