7 Top Tips for Building your Personal Brand

If you want to stand out, refine your Personal Brand to include the following top tips:

  1. Create an Authentic self – Does what people say about you align with who you really are? Being authentic means that you shouldn’t try to be something you’re not – that’s exhausting! Follow that old saying “be yourself – everyone else is taken”.
  2. Become Remarkable – Stand out for the being the person who goes the extra mile, the one who always does what they say they are going to do and more. Being remarkable means people talking about you for the right reasons. Read Seth Godin’s brilliant book – Purple Cow.
  3. Build Visibility and Profile – It’s not enough to think you will be promoted or noticed if you keep your head down and work hard. You need more than meritocracy – do the people who need to know who you are, know who you are? If not, plan how you can raise your profile in a structured way. Offer to speak, write for the company blog, volunteer for high visibility projects – whatever it takes to make sure you get noticed. Make sure your team gets noticed for great work too.
  4. Network Effectively – In person and online. Use your LinkedIn profile to get introductions from your connections and return the favour. Asking your colleagues and friends for introductions to people you want to connect with is a more focussed approach than just attending as many networking meetings as you can. When you do attend events, plan beforehand who you want to speak to and make the most of your time.  Remember something personal about them and what they’ve said, and spot opportunities to follow up on this.
  5. Present Yourself and Your Message with Impact – it can now take only 10 milliseconds to form a first impression. Presenting yourself means in person, online, on the telephone and by email. Every time you engage with someone for the first time, by whatever means, make sure you are making the right impression. Then back up that first impression with consistency in future interactions. If you need coaching on speaking or presenting yourself make sure you get it, never leave it to chance – we never get a second opportunity to make a first impression!  Get great at presenting on your feet – one’s ability to get promoted, rests on one’s ability to present well!
  6. Build Rapport and Collaborate with Style – Be gracious and polite. Always thank those that help you and ask how you can help them. Remember their interests or their birthday – those small touches get noticed. Help out team members when they have a deadline and always give praise where it’s due – help others to raise their profile.  By understanding your brand and what you bring to the table you will help others to collaborate with you too.
  7. Lead with Consistency – Being consistent builds trust. No one likes nasty surprises, treating all of your team the same way prevents gossip and back biting and makes a more productive work environment.

Work on building these 7 tips in to your personal brand. If you’d like to find out how Walking TALL can help get in contact.

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