Are you overlooking people in your team who could be potential leaders?

Often their job title and position mean that they do not have a team under them. They may however, have great influence in the organisation and make a big contribution. For example a software engineer or someone in product development, who has deliberately not put themselves forward for a management position because they enjoy technical work and don’t want the duties associated with being a manger.

Whilst typically they wouldn’t be selected for managerial training they would benefit from training to become better team players and improving communication skills. Teaching them the skills of collaboration and working in a team will lead to greater personal success and more visibility within the company.

Providing such training shows them they are valued for their contribution and that you care about their development enough to invest in it. Losing them because they feel their contribution goes unnoticed and unrewarded, on the other hand, comes at a high cost. In addition some of these people may develop into great managers.

Our personal branding workshops are designed to motivate staff to be the best they can be authentically, enabling them to feel valued for the skills and strengths they bring.Why not consider some of those key employees whose title wouldn’t necessarily make them candidates for training?

Find out more about our open workshops held in central London or contact us for more information about designing a tailored workshop for your organisation.

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