Case Study

Personal Branding with Walking TALL – Atkins Global Limited

Walking TALL were approached by Graham Roberts, Managing Director of the Water and Environment Division of Atkins Global Limited, the UK’s largest engineering and design consultancy and the world’s 11th largest design firm.

Graham had ʻinheritedʼ a Board of Directors and wanted to develop a strong brand impact within his team, including himself, which would also reflect and reinforce the corporate brand of Atkins. As an added benefit, this programme would provide team building and personal development, whilst helping him to get to know his Directors better. It was essential to Graham that the team members were coached in an environment that would allow them to feel comfortable opening up to each other as a group and to their coach – Lesley Everett – individually. Graham wanted to demonstrate his commitment to the personal brand development of his Board whilst achieving benefits to the organisation of a motivated, impactful and cohesive division.

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