Executive Brand Coaching

A CEO’s reputation accounts for 50% of a company’s reputation.

That is up 10% since 1997. That’s true in 11 countries, and in Germany, it counts for 63% – source Burson-Marsteller.

Our Executive Brand coaching program is designed for senior leaders and C-suite executives who have recognized the need to develop a strong clear brand and increase their presence, visibility and profile both internally and externally.

Typical programs are 6-10 hours of coaching and can include the following, although each is designed specifically for the client and their objectives:

  • Feedback from selected internal and external people
  • Critique of presentations from video
  • Defining what your brand is
  • Being an authentic leader
  • Reflecting the corporate brand through your own executive brand
  • Reviewing perceptions and managing the gaps
  • Presentational Brand – creating engaging content and delivery
  • Media interviews, image, and impact
  • Creating & managing profile and visibility

Lesley engages directly (but sensitively) from day one. By ‘holding up a mirror’ she helped me see myself through the eyes of my shareholders, my Executive team, my staff and my customers. She allowed a re-framing to take place from which all my actions and behaviors could flow. As CEO I demonstrate leadership behaviors in the choices I make, subconsciously, every minute of every day, whether they relate to the way I present myself, deal with people or interact with clients or employeesI have found Lesley’s coaching extremely valuable and very relevant in all these aspects and have no doubt it has significantly enhanced the impact I have made on the business over the last 12 months.” Otto Thoresen – (former) Chief Executive Officer, AEGON UK plc

“I send people to you for coaching, quite simply because I believe in you and your products.” Patrick Clarke  OBE – Director of Network Operations, UK Power Networks