Is your Personal Brand Consistent?

Your talents, strengths and values are what make up your personal brand. Whether we have consciously developed it or not we all have a personal brand, but have you considered whether yours is giving out a consistent message?

Think about brands we know well like Marks & Spencer who are known for quality and reliability. Imagine buying an item from M&S that is damaged or faulty, you would probably write it off as a simple blip because their standards are consistently high. Or Apple, known for leading edge technology and modern design, if you walk into an Apple store you expect their staff to be young, fun and very knowledgeable, because that’s the message Apple consistently delivers.

What message is your Personal Brand delivering?

Is your message consistent or are you confusing people by being inconsistent? If you aren’t sure, why not ask a few people you can trust to give you some feedback. If you get feedback that’s not in alignment with who you are it may be time to consider reviewing your personal brand.

Brand reviews are essential for people just as they are for products and services – think about Home Secretary Theresa May, news articles about her always used to discuss her penchant for colourful shoes. Over the last few years she has been working hard to be taken seriously in her role, the shoes have been toned down so that her words are what are remembered first. Or Lord Coe who went from being athlete to politician and credited with helping to bring the 2012 Olympics to London. When you hear him speak now he is consistently poised and calm.

If you are in the process of changing your role or moving to a new company it’s the perfect time to review your brand. And at almost the halfway point of the year here’s a reminder of New Year resolutions we suggested – have you implemented any of them? If not start now and if you need help why not join one of our Personal Branding workshops – dates are scheduled through to the end of the year. Book online here.

“Each time, all the time – for a personal brand to be successful it has to be consistent.” Walking TALL Personal Branding 7 Big Strides – stride 7.

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