We regularly work with experts in specific fields, that complement Walking TALL and who we know work to the same levels of excellence that we do.

Will Kintish – Networking


partners Will KintishKintish is the UK’s leading authority in Business Networking Skills training. They help thousands of people become confident and effective networkers by offering business networking tips, techniques and workshops. Kintish can show you how to become a more effective and confident business networker via Public seminars, In-house training, LinkedIn training and Conference Speaking.

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Alan Stevens – Media Training

Alan stevens, Alan Stevens, known as the Media Coach offers a range of courses and services to help companies and individuals present themselves more effectively in print, on radio and on TV. Courses can be held in-house, or in actual radio and TV studios, giving an experience as close as possible to the “real thing”, with experienced media journalists interviewing you and providing guidance. Alan was part of the first group of twenty-one speakers to receive the CSPGlobal designation and is a past President of the Global Speakers Federation as well as being a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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Sean Weafer – High Trust Advisor consultant

Walking TALL partner Sean WeaferSean Weafer is the Author of ‘The High Trust Advisor: How to Build High Trust and High Profits in Business Today’ ( and an international speaker and business coach on management, sales, networking and account management.

Creator of the ‘High Trust Profits’ system a unique multi-media and proven coaching system that helps businesses ‘Find, Close and Keep Excellent Clients’ and generate long-term and profitable revenue streams for small business owners, professional partners and corporate business development and sales teams. Sean is an engaging speaker on high trust in business, sales, networking, presentation and management. Successful conference MC/Host (and team facilitator) experienced in working with multi-cultural audiences globally. In 2013 he was awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence from the Professional Speaking Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland

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Gary Bailey – Succeed Under Pressure

Gary Bailey, Succeed under pressure

Gary Bailey is a former Manchester United and England soccer goalkeeper who performed under intense pressure over 10 years and 370 games for the biggest sports club in the world. During that time he developed simple but effective techniques to help him thrive under pressure and used these methods to win 2 F A cup medals.

Gary is one of those rare sports stars who has gone on to study business, and his MBA (Henley – Oxford) has allowed him to transfer valuable sports lessons into solid business skills that help everyone not only Survive under pressure, but THRIVE !

Gary has worked with many of the biggest companies in the world, such as Coke, IBM, Chevrolet and also many small companies, and in each case he has managed to help them improve their bottom line success, their sales figures, their ability to work as a team, and their overall enjoyment of the pressures of business.

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Clarity4D Personality Profiling

Walking TALL partner Clarity4D

Clarity4D is a web-based personality profiling tool. By answering 20 questions as the “instinctive” you rather than the “work” you, an 11 page unique personal profile is produced. The Clarity4D profiles incorporate a coaching workbook,  behavioural model and psychometric tool based on the work of Carl Jung. The profiles use colour to identify the four basic personality types.

As an accredited Business Partner Walking TALL uses these profiles both for individual coaching and within workshops to help teams better understand each other and work in harmony. You can buy a personal profile online via our shop or a profile and 45 minute coaching session.