Personal Branding and Employee Engagement go Hand in Hand

When organisations spend significant time and resources on branding and re-branding today, the people element of that brand is often not focused on to the level it deserves. Today the corporate brand is mostly down to the experience your customers and stakeholders have with your brand, and this will pretty much always be via a people communication. At Walking TALL we believe that your employees are a critical element of your corporate brand to be invested in, so it makes sense to undertake an employee engagement project as part of your branding decisions.

I recently spoke to Customer Thermometer – you can see my interview here – about tips to improve employee engagement. Customer Thermometer is a tool used by organisations to check on the “temperature” of both their employees and customers so that they can get early warning if there are issues. We discussed why an employee’e Personal Brand can have a significant effect on the organisation. Engaged and happy employees in turn give better customer service.

Money is often considered to be a reason for keeping talent within an organisation. However, while it does play a part, research has shown that other factors are also important. Flexible working, work environment and benefits are also important but training, career development, pride in their job and the company they work for are key factors too.

You can’t make an assumption that an employee is happy just because they don’t tell you any different. So measuring employee satisfaction should be a part of the process of developing your talent. And it shouldn’t be a one off, ongoing measurement allows you to fine tune your training programmes showing your staff that they are heard – another factor in ensuring engagement.

You can improve employee engagement by simply helping your employees understand what their personal brand is and assisting them in delivering it better through workshops and training. Authentic employees are more satisfied and deliver a better customer experience.

Walking TALL are experts in creating programmes and workshops tailored for individual companies that show employees the importance of developing an authentic personal brand. We provide that all-important bridge between the corporate brand messages and the customer experience. We deliver blended learning programmes to provide interventions that can be scheduled into the working day, from workshops to one on one coaching.

Contact us to find out more about our programmes and workshops and to discuss how we can assist in enhancing your employee engagement.

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