Spreading Your Global Message

When you believe in a message, you want to share it with the world.

Since I started Walking TALL International back in 2004, I’ve always had a dream of taking the personal branding methodology around the globe with a team of high quality trainers and business partners. I’m pleased to say that this is now becoming a reality for us.

One of the hardest things to do when you have built a company and methodology from scratch, and have nurtured it like a baby, is to let go and realise that other people can deliver it too, and possibly as well as or better than you! The same in business – sometimes we feel that others can’t do a job as well as us therefore delegation becomes difficult, others around us don’t feel trusted and empowered and as a result we stem creativity, collaboration and openness.

At Walking TALL, we’ve worked hard over the past few years to not only create a documented system for Walking TALL that can now be replicated in other countries, but we have learned how to trust others to deliver our system to the same high standards as those we set out with from the start. And guess what, when you trust in people positive things happen!

We now have a team of fabulous Accredited Business Partners and trainers in the UK who have been loyal to us for around 8 years. In addition, we had our first overseas office open up last year in Melbourne, Australia by Dr Jess Murphy. Jess is an Accredited Business Partner of Walking TALL and is fully trained to deliver the Walking TALL methodology, as well as our Effective Presenting module to clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Jess was a potential corporate client of Walking TALL in Australia, until she left the company! She had wanted to set up her own consultancy and training business for some time, focusing on business leadership, strategy and innovation with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and now she had a perfect opportunity to do so. She loved Walking TALL and how it fitted with her globally recognised Pathway to your Potential program, designed for getting women ready for directorships. We started talking about accrediting her to deliver our methodology as part of this program, as well as company-wide Walking TALL roll-outs. Jess now has a team of trainers ready to be accredited in Walking TALL and Effective Presenting over in Australia and this will be carried out by me in March 2015. Exciting times ahead we feel.

We are in discussions with potential partners in Thailand, Hong Kong and Trinidad & Tobago also. In the next 2 years we would like to expand into South Africa, Canada, UAE and Singapore in particular, as well as continue to grow across the USA.

We have learned many lessons so far in the journey and we continue to learn. Working with different cultures, business models and aspirations, enriches our appreciation of how individuals are motivated and how they achieve. Above all, we have learned that if you focus on your dreams they really can happen.

If you are interested in becoming a Walking TALL accredited business partner please get in contact.

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