5 Tips for Developing your Presentational Brand

“Being authentic in the way you communicate is a core element of leadership” We have all sat through a presentation given by a speaker who has a valuable message to communicate, but who lacks the necessary charisma and personality to make that message stick. Often it’s because that person isn’t presenting with authentic style – Read More


7 Top Tips for Building your Personal Brand

If you want to stand out, refine your Personal Brand to include the following top tips: Create an Authentic self – Does what people say about you align with who you really are? Being authentic means that you shouldn’t try to be something you’re not – that’s exhausting! Follow that old saying “be yourself – Read More

Personal branding traits that stand out

3 Personal Branding traits that get you noticed

If you want to get on, whether that be promotion at work or standing out from your peers, there are certain personal branding traits worth developing. With everyone working harder and longer hours it’s not enough to think that if you keep your head down your hard work will get noticed. Here are 3 Personal Read More


“Constructive, Enlightening, Empowering”

We were delighted to receive comments like these as feedback from The Grosvenor House JW Marriott Hotel about the recent implementation of the Walking TALL Personal Branding methodology. Over the course of 5 months Walking TALL and The Grosvenor House Hotel worked together to give all Associates, from the Executive team to Front of House Read More