How to feel positive about going back to work after your summer break

It’s the end of the summer and many of us will be returning to work after a hard earned break. It’s no surprise that many people dread the return and the first thing they do is start surfing vacancy ads. While we are away from work in a relaxed environment we have time to think about our Read More


Is Your Appearance Damaging Your Personal Brand?

It’s a contentious subject because many people think that what you wear shouldn’t matter – it’s your thoughts and work that are important isn’t it? The answer is yes they are, but… Are you subconsciously distracting your audience? If you have to ask whether your suit is too tight or your skirt is too short Read More


Protecting your Visible Personal Brand On and Offline

With the help of Google, LinkedIn and social networking sites, you can discover all sorts of information about people, in fact most of us will Google or check Linkedin when we are due to meet someone. Our natural curiosity means we want to see what they look like, but it could also be damaging if we Read More