The changing world of responsibility

It has sadly become an accepted state in business – that of a general acceptance that people will not do what they say they’re going to do; failure to follow through with solving a problem and resolving a situation, not taking responsibility along with an attitude of ‘it’s not my job’, and lack of accepting Read More


Is Toxic Leadership Causing Employee Sick Days?

Is your organisation struggling with the number of sick days your staff take? Is it focused in one department or division? If so have you considered that it may be the person leading that department or division that is the problem? Toxic leadership is a real threat to your work force. The number of employees Read More

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Developing Future Talent – Personal Branding for Apprentices

Apprenticeships have been in the news recently, with some areas like Staffordshire seeing an increase in their take-up and others like Cumbria where places are going unfilled. Many companies are investing in their future by developing young people. Aston Martin, for example, currently has 40 on its scheme. CEO Dr Andy Palmer is a strong Read More

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Personal Branding and Employee Engagement go Hand in Hand

When organisations spend significant time and resources on branding and re-branding today, the people element of that brand is often not focused on to the level it deserves. Today the corporate brand is mostly down to the experience your customers and stakeholders have with your brand, and this will pretty much always be via a Read More

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Your People are your Strongest Brand Message

In a business climate now operating around the clock, across a global network through the internet and video conferencing and with instantaneous news via social media the focus has been taken off of face-to-face communication. But at Walking TALL we believe  that a focus on meetings in person is equally as important today as it Read More

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“Constructive, Enlightening, Empowering”

We were delighted to receive comments like these as feedback from The Grosvenor House JW Marriott Hotel about the recent implementation of the Walking TALL Personal Branding methodology. Over the course of 5 months Walking TALL and The Grosvenor House Hotel worked together to give all Associates, from the Executive team to Front of House Read More

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R.E.S.P.E.C.T One of the reasons your talent may leave

Aretha Franklin sang “R.E.S.P.E.C.T find out what it means to me” and this is relevant for your top talent now. During Personal Branding workshops we are more frequently hearing the word used. It’s no longer enough to pay a good salary, staff are looking to be recognised for their contribution too. A comfortable work environment Read More