Is Toxic Leadership Causing Employee Sick Days?

Is your organisation struggling with the number of sick days your staff take? Is it focused in one department or division? If so have you considered that it may be the person leading that department or division that is the problem? Toxic leadership is a real threat to your work force. The number of employees Read More

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What 5 personal branding qualities do you need to be successful?

Of course you need to be able to work well in a team – either as part of the team or as its leader – and have a career plan, but what other personal brand qualities do successful people have? They “feel the fear and do it anyway” – sometimes you have to step out Read More

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What it takes to be an Effective Female Leader

As a result of the business buzz and focus at the moment on Women in Leadership, we are being asked more and more to work with female leaders in our workshops and keynote presentations. It’s not surprising when you consider that for the first time in history one of the world’s most powerful leaders could Read More

use your personal brand to get noticed

How to use your Personal Brand to Get Noticed

Do you ever feel that others don’t really ‘get’ what it is you do? Do you get frustrated that people label you in a way that is neither accurate or representative of your true skills and personality? It’s no good having a great personal brand if no-one outside of your department or company knows who Read More

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What’s the Key Ingredient to Inspiring a Team?

Trust – without it you’ll still get things done but with it your team will go above and beyond to make sure they succeed. It’s not just their trust in you but also yours in them. When you trust your team you will give them ownership of a task or project, which in turn shows Read More

Personal branding retreat

Personal Branding African Safari Retreat

Combine the best in Personal Branding coaching with a unique African safari experience! We are in the early stages of creating an exclusive 5 day experience and would like to gain your interest at this stage. What it includes: 5 days in an exclusive lodge in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve Personal Branding masterclass modules Read More