Is Toxic Leadership Causing Employee Sick Days?

Is your organisation struggling with the number of sick days your staff take? Is it focused in one department or division? If so have you considered that it may be the person leading that department or division that is the problem? Toxic leadership is a real threat to your work force. The number of employees Read More

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What Makes a Great Leader?

With the General Election this week the Party leaders have been under intense scrutiny and every aspect of their Personal Brand has been on view and dissected in various news stories. Whatever their policies it is their Personal Brand that is on show and this, rightly or wrongly, can influence our view of their party. That’s Read More

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Are you overlooking people in your team who could be potential leaders?

Often their job title and position mean that they do not have a team under them. They may however, have great influence in the organisation and make a big contribution. For example a software engineer or someone in product development, who has deliberately not put themselves forward for a management position because they enjoy technical Read More

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Leader vs Manager What’s the difference?

A recent article in Forbes discusses the difference between a leader and a manager and the personal brand traits of each. If you are moving up from manager to a leadership role and want to know what you need to add to your personal development plan there is a great definition of both in the Read More