A new wave of branding?

Creating an authentic personality to your corporate brand may not be something you have spent lots of time thinking about in your organisation. In today’s highly competitive and trust-seeking business world we all operate in, it is perhaps quite simply your biggest differentiator. However, we are now starting to experience the need for leaders to Read More

Lesley Everett

How should I deal with a Personal Branding crises?

Lesley recently contributed to an article on Total Jobs on how to build a powerful personal brand and in particular they asked her how to deal with a personal branding crises. Here are the tips she shared: “You need to ensure that every online post you make is in line with your authentic personal brand and Read More


How to feel positive about going back to work after your summer break

It’s the end of the summer and many of us will be returning to work after a hard earned break. It’s no surprise that many people dread the return and the first thing they do is start surfing vacancy ads. While we are away from work in a relaxed environment we have time to think about our Read More


What 5 personal branding qualities do you need to be successful?

Of course you need to be able to work well in a team – either as part of the team or as its leader – and have a career plan, but what other personal brand qualities do successful people have? They “feel the fear and do it anyway” – sometimes you have to step out Read More


What Makes a Great Leader?

With the General Election this week the Party leaders have been under intense scrutiny and every aspect of their Personal Brand has been on view and dissected in various news stories. Whatever their policies it is their Personal Brand that is on show and this, rightly or wrongly, can influence our view of their party. That’s Read More


Is Your Appearance Damaging Your Personal Brand?

It’s a contentious subject because many people think that what you wear shouldn’t matter – it’s your thoughts and work that are important isn’t it? The answer is yes they are, but… Are you subconsciously distracting your audience? If you have to ask whether your suit is too tight or your skirt is too short Read More


The power of vision for creating a strong personal brand

Have you decided that you want to improve or work on your personal brand? Maybe you have been inspired by someone you respect and want to emulate the positive feedback that you see them receiving and be in their job next year. But how do you get to that point? It may seem like a Read More


Spreading Your Global Message

When you believe in a message, you want to share it with the world. Since I started Walking TALL International back in 2004, I’ve always had a dream of taking the personal branding methodology around the globe with a team of high quality trainers and business partners. I’m pleased to say that this is now Read More

BAE apprentices

Developing Future Talent – Personal Branding for Apprentices

Apprenticeships have been in the news recently, with some areas like Staffordshire seeing an increase in their take-up and others like Cumbria where places are going unfilled. Many companies are investing in their future by developing young people. Aston Martin, for example, currently has 40 on its scheme. CEO Dr Andy Palmer is a strong Read More


10 Tips for Navigating Work Related Christmas Events Without Damaging your Personal Brand

If you are going to be a host or guest for a work related Christmas event remember that business etiquette prevails. The people attending aren’t your personal friends they are still work colleagues, customers and business contacts. So even if the event is outside the office you need to stay in professional mode. These people Read More