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Developing Future Talent – Personal Branding for Apprentices

Apprenticeships have been in the news recently, with some areas like Staffordshire seeing an increase in their take-up and others like Cumbria where places are going unfilled. Many companies are investing in their future by developing young people. Aston Martin, for example, currently has 40 on its scheme. CEO Dr Andy Palmer is a strong Read More

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The End of the Sheep Dip Approach…

The days where companies could afford the time to send a whole team out for a week’s training off site no longer exist. Add to that the recognition that we all learn differently and the increase in online learning, and it makes sense to provide training in a variety of formats rather than a one Read More

Personal branding traits that stand out

3 Personal Branding traits that get you noticed

If you want to get on, whether that be promotion at work or standing out from your peers, there are certain personal branding traits worth developing. With everyone working harder and longer hours it’s not enough to think that if you keep your head down your hard work will get noticed. Here are 3 Personal Read More


Why the Personal Brand of your employees matters to your organisation

What makes a successful organisation? There are many contributing factors but one that we focus on is the people within the company. Your customer facing employees are the first impression of your organisation and can make all the difference in gaining or losing a customer. Whilst everyone has off days, those people who are consistently Read More