What Makes a Great Leader?

With the General Election this week the Party leaders have been under intense scrutiny and every aspect of their Personal Brand has been on view and dissected in various news stories. Whatever their policies it is their Personal Brand that is on show and this, rightly or wrongly, can influence our view of their party. That’s Read More

BAE apprentices

Developing Future Talent – Personal Branding for Apprentices

Apprenticeships have been in the news recently, with some areas like Staffordshire seeing an increase in their take-up and others like Cumbria where places are going unfilled. Many companies are investing in their future by developing young people. Aston Martin, for example, currently has 40 on its scheme. CEO Dr Andy Palmer is a strong Read More

personal branding goals

New Year Personal Branding Resolutions

At the start of the year many of us make resolutions about what we won’t do in the coming year. This looks at our resolutions from a negative frame of mind though, so rather than thinking of what you won’t do turn it around and think of what you will do. This simple shift sets Read More


Where do you want to be in 12 months?

As you start the New Year it’s the perfect time to review the last year and  think about your goals for 2014. Whilst you are in a relaxed frame of mind and have the time to sit and think, look back to what went well this year and think about how you can do more Read More


Take Control of your Personal Brand

Everyone has a personal brand. However, some people develop their brand in a controlled and focused manner whilst others don’t think about it and therefore leave it to chance. Every day in every interaction you are shaping your personal brand. How you respond to telephone calls and emails, your presence in the office, the way Read More


What do you really do?

When you are asked this question it’s your big moment to sell yourself and create a picture in the questioner’s mind as to what you are all about. But how often do we reply “I’m an accountant” or “I’m in sales”? The picture they receive is black and white rather than colourful and memorable. Just Read More