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What 5 personal branding qualities do you need to be successful?

Of course you need to be able to work well in a team – either as part of the team or as its leader – and have a career plan, but what other personal brand qualities do successful people have? They “feel the fear and do it anyway” – sometimes you have to step out Read More

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The power of vision for creating a strong personal brand

Have you decided that you want to improve or work on your personal brand? Maybe you have been inspired by someone you respect and want to emulate the positive feedback that you see them receiving and be in their job next year. But how do you get to that point? It may seem like a Read More

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Spreading Your Global Message

When you believe in a message, you want to share it with the world. Since I started Walking TALL International back in 2004, I’ve always had a dream of taking the personal branding methodology around the globe with a team of high quality trainers and business partners. I’m pleased to say that this is now Read More

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Why Lawyers Need to Consciously Develop their Personal Brand

As a lawyer your reputation is of prime importance. Your personal brand is equally so – and like your reputation should be consciously developed. It must be authentic and consistent so that you are always giving out the same message to ensure your reputation has the right packaging and positioning that you want to convey. Read More

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The End of the Sheep Dip Approach…

The days where companies could afford the time to send a whole team out for a week’s training off site no longer exist. Add to that the recognition that we all learn differently and the increase in online learning, and it makes sense to provide training in a variety of formats rather than a one Read More

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Is your Personal Brand Consistent?

Your talents, strengths and values are what make up your personal brand. Whether we have consciously developed it or not we all have a personal brand, but have you considered whether yours is giving out a consistent message? Think about brands we know well like Marks & Spencer who are known for quality and reliability. Read More

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Why taking a break from your routine will help you develop your personal brand

It’s no surprise that most people come back from a holiday with new ideas and plans for developing their career. During a break (hopefully) your mind switches off from work and allows you to take a breather from the everyday and think about what you really want to be doing. Chances are one of two Read More

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Are you overlooking people in your team who could be potential leaders?

Often their job title and position mean that they do not have a team under them. They may however, have great influence in the organisation and make a big contribution. For example a software engineer or someone in product development, who has deliberately not put themselves forward for a management position because they enjoy technical Read More

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Walking TALL – Personal Branding for the Retail Sector

With nearly a 20% increase in online sales over the last year high street retailers are being challenged to find new ways to attract customers into their stores. However, while many people like the convenience of online shopping, personal customer service is something many of us still want. So we find it hugely encouraging at Read More

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Your People are your Strongest Brand Message

In a business climate now operating around the clock, across a global network through the internet and video conferencing and with instantaneous news via social media the focus has been taken off of face-to-face communication. But at Walking TALL we believe  that a focus on meetings in person is equally as important today as it Read More