Your People are your Strongest Brand Message

In a business climate now operating around the clock, across a global network through the internet and video conferencing and with instantaneous news via social media the focus has been taken off of face-to-face communication. But at Walking TALL we believe  that a focus on meetings in person is equally as important today as it has ever been. In a fast paced world where we seem to have a mobile phone pasted constantly to our ear it’s crucial that you portray traditional qualities, with a quality image and quality communication.

How often have you been in a meeting and watched someone tap away on their phone or tablet not giving the person speaking the attention they deserve? Or been in a shop being served by the assistant when the phone rings and they break off their conversation with you to answer the phone?

It’s no surprise that we often expect to be disappointed by service, wondering whether we will get that promised call back or follow up. We are so surprised when we receive excellent service that it sticks in our mind. Unfortunately it’s usually the poor service that gets reported on social media and often embarrasses the company or person into a response.

In sales, customer facing or customer service roles a positive personal brand is essential for business success. However, the visual messages from the CEO to the receptionist must be synonymous with the corporate identity reflected by everyone in the organisation. People, however, are often missed out of the corporate branding strategy but more and more companies are tuning into the strongest brand message and differentiator they have – their people.

When Lesley wrote the Walking TALL book she interviewed Richard Branson and he told her:

“Virgin has always worked on the general philosophy of staff first, customers second and shareholders third. This may sound the wrong way round but we’ve always believed that if we look after our people well they will look after our customers better and as a result shareholders will benefit in the long term. It seems to have worked so far!”

Forward thinking from an organisation that is always consistent in it’s service delivery.

If you would like to find out how our personal branding workshops and programmes can help your organisation drive improvements in Corporate Brand via people behaviour, employee engagement and authentic personal impact of your staff please get in touch.

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