Executive Brand Coaching

“Lesley engages directly (but sensitively) from day one. By “holding up a mirror” she helped me see myself through the eyes of my shareholders, my Executive team, my staff and my customers. She allowed a re-framing to take place from which all my actions and behaviors could flow.

As CEO I demonstrate leadership behaviors in the choices I make, subconsciously, every minute of every day, whether they relate to the way I present myself, deal with people or interact with clients or employees.

I have found Lesley’s coaching extremely valuable and very relevant in all these aspects and have no doubt it has significantly enhanced the impact I have made on the business over the last 12 months.”

Otto Thoresen – Chief Executive Officer, AEGON UK plc

Personal Branding Coaching for CEOs and the Executive Board

A CEO’s reputation accounts for 50% of a company’s reputation.

That is up 10% since 1997. That’s true in 11 countries, and in Germany, it counts for 63% – source Burson-Marsteller.

A CEO becomes a strong brand when they get a reputation for and are ‘famous’ for doing something well and doing it differently. Just like product and service brands, a CEO brand is a collection of the perceptions that people have of that brand, and to be successful the CEO brand needs to be borne from true values, what they stand for and their outstanding qualities. Often their different approach and attitude will make their brand unique and well-known. The business brand is often inspired by the individual personality and values of the CEO.

In addition, higher profile organizations focus on a lot more than just their CEOs. They position the entire executive team. The executive team needs to not only reflect the brand of the organization but also complement that of the CEO.

Walking TALL offers intensive coaching for CEOs and executive teams to develop and project a strong personal brand, ensuring maximum positive personal impact in the businesses they run. One of the best ways to increase your CEO’s and executive team image is to ensure they maximize their personal impact with the media and speak at conferences where they can be influential and highly visible. However, first, it’s vital that you ensure they have focused on their personal brand and executive presence, in order to consistently project a positively unforgettable brand image and message.

Coaching is specifically tailored for the individual. It includes:

  • Observation and feedback on real situation presentations
  • Use of Board Level feedback
  • Building a unique Personal Brand
  • Taking control of brand perceptions
  • Achieving maximum personal impact in any business situation
  • Presentational Brand – Sharpening the content
  • Media image
  • Wardrobe Audit and Executive shopping trip
  • On-going telephone support & advice and coaching

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Executive Brand Coaching

Intensive coaching for high-performing individuals who need to ensure maximum positive personal impact in business.

This program is particularly useful for those individuals who are highlighted as a top talent in your organization, need a fast-track to promotion, need to be more visible, need more impact in presentations and meetings and/or have a need to improve presentation skills.

Executive level Presentation Skills Coaching

We absolutely believe that content and delivery should be equally balanced in a presentation and that an equal amount of emphasis should be placed on each in preparation. As part of our executive personal branding coaching program, we focus on presentational brand and bringing personal impact and executive gravitas to the highest possible level, particularly with regard to formal and informal presentations. This often highlights the need for more focus on sharpening up the content in line with key messages and personal brand.

Therefore we have teamed up with one of the country’s top Presentation Skills coaching companies, Straight Talking, to provide a perfectly dovetailed and highly intensive Presentation Skills and Personal Impact program.   Email us for further information.