The Team

We have an amazing team at Walking TALL who all reinforce our values of responsiveness, professionalism, and integrity. You can find out a little more about them all below.

We are also very proud to offer an Accredited Business Partner program for dynamic, highly experienced and stylish trainers. These business partners are likely to have an established corporate client base where Walking TALL would provide a complementary product and service.

We currently have plans in place to expand this across Europe, into the USA and Asia, with longer term plans for South Africa, Canada, and UAE.

If you already have an established corporate client base in Management & Leadership Development and are looking to expand your service offering, you may be the person we are looking for in your region.

For further details on the Accredited Business Partner program call us on + 44 (0) 345 0522772 or drop us an email to

UK and US Office

Lesley Everett – Managing Director

Lesley founded Walking TALL International in 1998 and has enjoyed developing the methodology since that time, keeping the content up-to-date. With a career starting off in Law and then into IT, with several years of part-time studies in non-verbal communication, psychology, image, and physiology, she decided to combine her business knowledge and skills with her absolute passion for helping people present themselves to be the best they can be, authentically.

Her journey so far has been a personal branding story in its own right – always taking note of what she is good at and inspired by, and what she is not so good at so leaving behind or surrounding herself with others that can do much better!

“I absolutely love my work and it feels like the perfect culmination of a number of years of varying strengths and skills coming together with my absolute passion of being who you really are and getting recognized for what you bring to the table. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to build my own business and am proud of what we as a team have been able to create so far. We have many exciting times to look forward to as we expand further and I look forward to the next stages in this amazing journey”

Lesley’s international profile is growing rapidly. She has presented to audiences in 25 countries to date, including most recently as one of only a few women invited to speak in Iran, across 5 continents, and her profile, particularly in the USA, continues to increase.

Lesley mainly delivers conference presentations and provides executive brand, profile, and visibility coaching at senior level. She continues to provide new and updated content to the Walking TALL methodology and to drive the business forward with new products and ideas, that the team implemented.

Something not many people know about Lesley… she chatted with Madonna for 45 minutes in the VIP room after her Wembley concert.

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Chris Swainson – Operations Director CEng

Chris joined Walking TALL in March 2011 and brings 30 years of Engineering practice to aid our technical and managerial structures. His many years of experience, both designing solutions and managing projects, will provide yet another skill layer to the Walking TALL team. Chris’s role as Operations Director will help move Walking TALL forward in a controlled and structured fashion yet still allow creativity and versatility to play leading roles in how we provide up-to-date, solid and practical personal branding and behavioral/cultural solutions to our clients.

“I am pleased to be part of a great union of shared values. As an Engineer, I have always strived to provide professional results in a timely, structured and ethical fashion whilst maintaining good relations with clients and suppliers alike. It is a privilege to now work alongside a company that not only shares my ethos but exists purely to provide personal branding and cultural guidance to organizations wishing to achieve this same value set and sets themselves apart from their competitors”.
Something not many people know about Chris… he’s the author of a children’s book.

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Hong Kong Office

Janine Manning – Accredited Business Partner

Based in Hong Kong, Janine is our Accredited Business Partner for the region. She is the founder of Roar Coaching, an established executive coaching company that partners with multinational organizations to develop leadership excellence in a highly diversified and dynamic environment.

Valuing the power of community and shared knowledge in developing leadership talent across industries, Janine is involved in a number of collaborations and new initiatives in Hong Kong. Janine has over twenty years of business experience in education, government, NGO and corporate in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The common thread in her career is the passion she has for empowering people to strive to be their best authentic selves, and in doing so, quickly surpassing their own career expectations.

Janine is a certified ICF and ICC executive coach and over the past seven years has coached clients across multiple industries including mining, banking, telecommunications, finance, transport, retail, government, diary, property, media, engineering, energy, and health. Janine deeply respects organizations who are willing to go that extra mile to inspire and empower their people and seeks out opportunities to introduce world-class development programs to support these people-centric organizations.

‘Walking TALL’s personal branding methodology is the missing link to maximize the benefit of any personal development delivered in business today. It’s one thing to learn new skills, it is another to know how to authentically bring those skills to life and in doing so create consistent results that ensure you stand out from the crowd.’

Something you may not know about Janine …she has completed four half marathons and is committed to running a full marathon before turning 40.

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Sharon Knight – Accredited Business Partner

Sharon Knight is a naturally motivating and dynamic trainer and is one of our Accredited Business Partners for the UK. Sharon delivers Walking TALL Training programs and as a qualified and highly experienced coach, she also provides our clients with Executive Brand and Impact Coaching.

She is delighted to have become a partner of the Walking TALL program – believing that the platform for success in today’s fast-moving business world is having and projecting a powerful personal brand – the foundation for all areas of personal management.

With over twenty years of experience in people development within a business, Sharon is perfectly placed to present the powerful and effective material of Walking TALL in an inspiring and approachable manner.

Something not many people know about Sharon Knight… she had her photo in a Sunday newspaper supplement posting in a leotard!

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Sue Liney Accredited Business Partner

Sue has over fifteen year’s experience of delivering client training and is one of our Accredited Business Partners for the UK. Sue is an inspiring trainer with a friendly, approachable presentation style.

Sue has the ability to present the Walking TALL Personal Branding training with the direct, yet fun approach that it needs. She fits the Walking TALL brand perfectly, always ensuring delivery meets the high expectations of Walking TALL clients as a premier product and service.

Sue has experience of delivering training across a wide variety of industry sectors including financial, IT, communications, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, hotels and the public sector.

Something not many people know about Sue… she was once a child model.

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Andrea Phillimore – Associate Trainer

andrea-phillimore-photoAs an Associate Trainer for Walking TALL, Andrea ‘s passion for personal development is delivered through her intuitive and engaging facilitation skills.

As a highly experienced trainer and coach, Andrea is adept at enabling people to develop awareness of and unlock their own amazing potential and unique contribution – the starting point for a strong and authentic personal brand.

With over 15 years of strategic leadership and management in public, voluntary and charitable sectors, she understands that a major key to success in business lies in the ability to create impact with these individual skills and qualities.

Andrea’s extensive understanding of the link between people performance and business success means she delivers the Walking TALL Training programs with insight and relevance to today’s working environment.

Something not many people know about Andrea: She is a qualified Mountain Leader.

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