Walking TALL is a system for increasing self-value, personal empowerment and brand engagement.

About Walking TALL

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Your company brand today is what your customers SAY about their experience with you to their contacts.
That experience gets talked about, and those layers to your reputation go global instantly through social media.
Furthermore, that experience will always come through an interaction they have had with your people.

Walking TALL is a system for increasing self-value, personal empowerment and brand engagement. It is a training & coaching methodology that addresses the ‘What’s in it For Me’ factor using proven personal branding principles.

Quite simply, we put values back in business.

The results our clients enjoy in their businesses are:

Higher levels Higher levels of employee engagement
square icon 2 Increased employee commitment to the brand values
Improved motivation Improved motivation
Increased productivity Increased productivity
Effervescent buzz Effervescent buzz in their teams
Enhanced brand Enhanced brand personality

No project is too small

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More About Walking TALL


Over 16 years Over 16 years experience of delivering this evolving & proven methodology, across 25+ countries and multiple cultures
We are trusted We are trusted by some of the largest and most successful companies globally
Trademarks We hold Trademarks in the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK
our trainers All our trainers and coaches are Accredited and assessed in the Walking TALL method
the best All those we employ are the best at what they do
Walking TALL Walking TALL is based in the UK and US with an international team of trainers
We are quoted in publications and the media, and our founder, Lesley Everett is the published author of 3 books on the subject
communication is our strongest value We always do what we say we will do and communication is our strongest value!


comprehensive programs We will provide you with a totally managed delivery solution, for implementation of comprehensive programs across your business
 We will work with you We will work with you to dovetail with your culture and learning & development programs
flexible delivery of the methodology We offer flexible delivery of the methodology with a blended learning approach

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We have an amazing team at Walking TALL

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Our team

Our team at Walking TALL all reinforce our values of responsiveness, professionalism, and integrity. Lesley, our Founder, personally accredits each of our trainers and coaches, so that the high quality of our services is maintained and not diluted in any way.

We are proud to provide an Accredited Trainer Program for a select number of dynamic, highly experienced and stylish trainers and coaches, who have a solid and established corporate client base and are looking to expand their service offering.

We also offer a Business Partner opportunity for this who wish to work more closely with us in a business development capacity.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in our Accredited Trainer or Business Partner programs.


Photo of Lesley Everett FOUNDER AND CEO

Lesley Everett


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