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Team Branding

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Our programs

There is an increasing interest in our Team Branding programs, that focus on providing your team with clarity on what they bring to the business and how they are and want to be perceived internally & externally.

Some sensory analysis, perception data and deep-dive thinking are used to determine or polish an authentic brand and perhaps set of principles that the team will adhere to. All of this is set under the umbrella of the corporate brand values but brought to a team level to be more meaningful to individuals in order to effect modified behaviors and change.

Outputs include:

Definition of your core defining principles and values as a team
Clarity of how the team is currently perceived
A clear purpose or mission
A set of behaviors that support the team brand

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“The team branding session is a thought provoking and stimulating session that really delves into the area of how we see ourselves and more importantly challenges how we want to be seen. It’s a great session and one that I’d recommend for any team that wishes to evolve their own team brand.” Sean Lawe – Group Supply Chain Director, Specsavers