The changing world of responsibility

It has sadly become an accepted state in business – that of a general acceptance that people will not do what they say they’re going to do; failure to follow through with solving a problem and resolving a situation, not taking responsibility along with an attitude of ‘it’s not my job’, and lack of accepting responsibility for mistakes made or delays created. Apologies I’ve found are no longer an accepted courtesy but rather sadly appear to be perceived to be a sign of weakness in business.

The deep concern this creates is that in a world where you’re setting a high level of expectation of positive experience with your company from your advertising and social media marketing campaigns, you are instead producing a very convincing culture, internally and externally, of perceived arrogance, apathy and lack of authenticity. Of course, I don’t need to spell out the business impact of this.

So why is it that individuals don’t take responsibility anymore, and are not holding themselves accountable for solving problems and seeing things through? Perhaps it comes partly from a culture of lack of respect for people from senior management down and line managers, little empowerment and a resulting feeling of being under-valued?

Research from the Hay Group has found that companies with highly engaged people outperform firms with the most disengaged folks by 54% in employee retention, 89% in customer satisfaction and 400% in revenue growth. It’s no wonder that HR Directors and CEOs from around the globe agree that employee engagement is of critical importance.

Your employee engagement should therefore perhaps be more of a focus with real resources invested, than it has been until now. Leaving it to chance and not putting in the levels of effort and focus that are needed, may not be just affecting the obvious employee engagement issue, but may mean you are inadvertently losing trust and respect amongst your customer base and ultimately putting your business at risk.

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